The Billionaire's Kick Ass Wife

The Billionaire's Kick Ass Wife


Author : Alice Walker

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The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife By Alice Walker Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Late at night, all sounds were drowned in the heavy downpour.

A tall and slender figure stumbled through the thick, dark curtain of rain, tripping and falling beside a bla
ck car by the curb.

The freezing rain lashing against her body drenched her to the skin, revealing her

curves. However, it couldn’t quench the burning desire she was feeling.

Unable to think straight at that moment, Isabella Thompson followed her instincts to stagger to her feet
and grope for the car door handle. She pulled the door open and desperately crawled into the car.

She realized that if she didn’t get in the car, she would be found frozen to death in the rain by the morni

She slammed the door shut with a bang. Being in a stupor numbed her senses, and she didn’t notice th
e strong smell of blood

in the air.

In the dark, a pair of dark eyes with a bluish tint snapped open and darted to the intruder with a sharp li
ght in them.

A trace
of killing intent flashed across those eyes like the reflection dancing on the sharp blade of a knife.

Isabella didn’t sense the danger. Instead, she just felt a source of warmth in the dark and couldn’t
help moving closer to it.

The owner of those dark
blue eyes made attempts to push her away, but he was too severely injured to throw her off him.

The body pressed against his was very soft but kept wriggling.

Those dark blue eyes were now
murderous and alight with wrath. As a man who stood at the very top of the social ladder, no one had e
ver had the balls to come on to him

like that.

Never ever!

The urge to kill was so strong that his

chest heaved with every breath.

Isabella had no idea what she had got herself into. She opened her enchanting

eyes and stared at the warm thing beneath.

her with confusion.

She looked dazzling at the moment. Her beauty could make anyone hold their

breath, and the innocent look on her face

was alluring.

Instinctively, she lowered her head and pressed her body against the man’s toned body again.

“Get off me!”

The man growled at her, struggling weakly.


Isabella grumpily raised her small hands and pinned the badly injured man to the

back of the seat.

In the dark, the roiling rage and killing

intent in those midnight blue eyes became almost tangible.

Isabella didn’t know how to do it and just

felt the man up clumsily. The man was infuriated but was too weak to stop her.

The violent rain blurred the shape of the car and drowned the noises in
it, making it look like a mystical beast lurking in the


The downpour finally subsided into a
drizzle, and it quieted down in the car again. Unfortunately, the first light at dawn didn’t bring any warmt
h to the chilly


In the car, Isabella slowly opened her tired eyes, her brain addled, her mind blank, trying to recall how s
he ended up here.

She moved slightly and felt something cool and smooth.

Turning her head around with a jerk, she saw an unconscious man whose eyes were tightly shut.

His face was ashen, but the lines of it were chiseled and exquisite.

Isabella couldn’t help but stare at him. She had never seen someone so good–looking

in her 20 years of life.

His eyes were tightly shut, and the pallor on his face told Isabella that he was not

feeling well.

She looked at him and noticed the nasty cut on his stomach, which had dried
blood around it and was still oozing fresh blood.

Isabella froze. He was so severely injured, but last night…

What happened last night flooded Isabella’s mind. She couldn’t believe she

had done that.

A chill passed down her spine.

She blanched and then blushed. Isabella

tidied her clothes and returned her gaze to

the man’s wound. It must be treated immediately, or his life would be in danger.

Her black eyes looked around the luxurious car and lit up when she spotted a medical


Moving to get the medical kit, she felt sore all over but opened it and carefully dressed

his wound.

She was not experienced, and it took her a long time, but she did it anyway.

She was sweating profusely when she was finished.

The man didn’t wake up, but he had a sense of authority even when in a slumber. Judging from his expe

She couldn’t afford to offend a man like him.

After giving him a long look, Isabella pushed the door open and got out of the car, running forward in the

“So it wasn’t just me who was injured last night. There was also that man who got badly injured and then

Shaking her head, she tried not to think about why that man had
ended up in that car all alone when he needed treatment

immediately. However, she couldn’t

convince herself to leave like that and turned back before she ran too far away.

She couldn’t bring herself to leave a badly

wounded man alone.

Walking behind the bushes by the street, she squatted down and wrapped her arms

around her knees.

She pondered over what had happened yesterday with her eyes fixed on the black


“If no one finds his car and helps him in half an hour, I’ll call 911 and send him to the hospital,” she said

The thought of keeping him alive shut down all the other messy thoughts in her mind, and she waited qu

Fortunately, half an hour later, a few black cars arrived, and a dozen men in black suits who looked like

“Is Mr. Lockwood in the car?” one of them

asked worriedly.

Another man carefully opened the door and reverently climbed into the car. He then said, “Mr. Lockwood
here. He’s fine but needs treatment immediately. We need to hurry back to the mansion.

A moment later, all the cars left together.

Seeing that the man was safe now, Isabella heaved a sigh of relief.

She stood up from behind the bushes and dragged her feet down the street.

Only then did tears stream down her face and mix with the rain.

She walked in the drizzle like a wounded and lonely animal.

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Read The Billionaire{#39}s Kick Ass Wife by Alice Walker. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThe......

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