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Evan crossed over, but he wasn’t worried at all… because he had the character template from the mobile game and five devil fruits obtained from a lottery draw with him.Evan believed that he could rely on the special physique obtained from his first recharge, as well as the devil fruits in his backpack, to become a powerful figure in the world of One Piece.But it wasn’t until Evan opened his eyes and saw a crimson dragon that he realized this wasn’t One Piece at all, it was Fairy Tail!Starting by capturing Erza? Nope, starting by being captured by Irene!...


Chapter 1 - Dragon!

Chapter 1 - Dragon!

In the deserted woods.
A baby who seemed to be about a few months old slowly opened his eyes. It stands to reason that a child of this age, if he appears alone in the woods, must be panicking. Or he’s crying after being born, but the child didn’t look confused at all. He seemed to know exactly where he was and what he was going to do.
“Is this the world of One Piece?”
The child murmured to himself. His name is Evan, he is a transmigrator, he was playing a Crypto currency mini game authorized by One Piece when he was alive, and on the third day of playing, Evan suddenly heard a message from the sky to him. He came to call and told him that he had obtained an extremely cherished travel opportunity. Not only that, he could also bring the five devil fruits in his game backpack and the special physique obtained to his travel.
When Evan heard the call, he originally refused, until the Voice of Heaven told him that if he didn’t travel through, he would go to hell. After thinking about it, Evan was forced to agree.
Evan thought, by relying on the special physique which allowed him to eat multiple devil fruits, and the five devil fruits in his backpack, he would definitely be able to thrive in the world of One Piece.
At least he thought so a second ago, until…
It was only when Evan saw a crimson, scaled and imposing dragon lying behind him, that he realized that he had been deceived, and this was not the world of One Piece at all…
“Have you been abandoned too?” The crimson dragon spoke out after looking up and down at Evan who had short brown-red hair.
“Giant dragon?! This is a giant dragon, right?! This is definitely a giant dragon, right? You can spit out human words?! One Piece has giant dragons, but there are no talking dragons… This is not the world of One Piece at all!”
Evan looked at the crimson dragon in front of him, and his body kept shaking. He realized that he seemed to be tricked, and he wanted to do something, but in the end, it all turned into a baby’s nonsense.
“What do you want to do, little guy? But no matter what you want to do, it doesn’t matter. You have been abandoned. If no one raises you, you will die soon…”
The crimson dragon looked at the baby in front of it and said extremely horrifying words.
“Devil fruit, I must eat the devil fruit…” However, Evan didn’t have time to listen to what the crimson dragon in front of him was saying at this moment. His mind was filled with the desire to survive and told himself that he had to eat the devil fruit in order to save his life under the dragon in front of him.
Thinking so, Evan clicked on his own system.
Character: Evan
Physique: Special constitution (can eat multiple devil fruits)
Haki: (Unlocked)
Devil Fruit: (Unlocked)
Backpack: Zoan · Human-Human Fruit · ordinary human form, Zoan · Fish-Fish Fruit · Model: Azure Dragon, Paramecia · Press-Press Fruit, Logia · Sparkling Fruit, Paramecia · Magnet-Magnet Fruit
Just as Evan was about to summon his devil fruit, he suddenly hesitated, because he remembered an important question. The current him has no teeth, and with his current fighting power, it seems that he can’t bite through the outer skin of the devil fruit …
For a moment, Evan wanted to cry, but the self-help spirit of the traverser kept him from giving up. Since he couldn’t eat the devil fruit…
Then let the giant dragon in front of him eat it!
As we all know, apart from the existence of special constitutions, both animals and humans can only eat one Devil Fruit, once the second Devil Fruit is eaten, bad things will happen immediately.
Evan is not sure how many devil fruits the dragon in front of him can eat, but right now this is the only way for him to save himself.
Evan has a special physique and can eat devil fruits unlimitedly. This is also Evan’s biggest cheat, which makes him think that he can definitely become the strongest in the world of One Piece.
Originally, the five devil fruits in his backpack, in addition to his unlucky luck, pulled out the Human-Human Fruit · ordinary person form, which is a fruit that can transform the user to ordinary human…
He was prepared to eat them himself, but in order to survive, he had to give up something. For this reason, he planned to give up his Human-Human Fruit and magnet fruit.
With a plan in mind, Evan immediately summoned the devil fruit in his backpack, and suddenly a strange-looking fruit appeared in Evan’s hands out of thin air!
Originally, Evan planned to summon two devil fruits at once, but it seemed that he could only take out one devil fruit at a time, and that he could only summon other devil fruits after one devil fruit was eaten.
It may be due to his relatively weak mental power, or it’s a system problem, but right now he can’t do it.
However, Evan was very calm. He decided to wait until the giant dragon ate the Human-Human Fruit, and him, into his mouth, and immediately summon the second devil fruit the moment the first devil fruit was eaten by the dragon!
He wants to gamble, bet that if he’s fast enough the giant dragon will be killed by two devil fruits!
Once the dragon will be killed by the power of the two devil fruits, Evan will immediately summon the form of animal, Fish-Fish Fruit, phantom beast, and green dragon, and use the teeth in the dragon’s mouth to cut off a little bit of devil fruit , he only needs to peel off the peel of the devil fruit and eat a little bit of the pulp, and he can immediately obtain the huge vitality of the Fish-Fish Fruit, phantom beast species, and blue dragon form, and thus obtain the power to survive in this world!
With that in mind, Evan held the Zoan that he had summoned in his hand, the Human-Human Fruit · human form, blinked his big pure eyes, and handed it to the giant dragon.
Then Evan waited patiently, waiting for the giant dragon to open its bloody mouth and eat the fruit in his hand in one gulp.
“Space magic? Is the fruit for me?”
The crimson dragon watched Evan summon the devil fruit with calm eyes. It stretched its slender neck forward and sniffed the devil fruit held by Evan’s chubby little hand, and then it stuck out its tongue, licked it lightly, and ate the fruit in Evan’s hand in one bite.
“It didn’t eat me?”
Evan watched, and the giant dragon who just ate the devil fruit in his hand and didn’t hurt him was taken aback.
He originally thought that the red dragon in front of him would kill him in one bite. After all, in the games he played before, red dragons were all evil dragons that symbolized destruction and destruction! And it is the strongest and most vicious dragon among the evil dragons! (similar to DND)
So as soon as Evan came up, he regarded the giant dragon in front of him as an evil existence.
“It’s so unpalatable… This is really the worst fruit I’ve ever eaten in my life. I feel like I’m going to spit it out…”
The crimson dragon tried to spit out the strange fruit it ate, but it failed.
The strange thing about the devil fruit is that once it is eaten, it will definitely not be able to spit it out, and the moment it is eaten, it will automatically gain the power of the devil fruit.
Just at the moment when the crimson dragon’s complexion was contorted and its stomach and intestines were twitching continuously.
A strange power spread from the dragon’s whole body.
A kind of change that the giant dragon never thought of is taking place in the giant dragon.
The giant dragon’s huge body gradually shrinking, the wings behind the dragon slowly disappeared, the majestic forehead gradually became smoother, and the crimson scales as beautiful as the setting sun became transparent, looming…
A moment later, the giant dragon that exuded a huge sense of oppression disappeared without a trace.
In its place was a woman with long crimson hair and a graceful face.
The woman’s eyebrows and eyes are somewhat heroic, her figure is plump and proud, and she is white and delicate. Although there is an obvious scar on her navel and lower abdomen, she is not ugly. Not only does it not break the overall beauty of a woman, but it adds a different kind of beauty …
Just like that, the ferocious dragon disappeared, replaced by a stunning beauty.
The beauty’s body trembled slightly, she felt the changes in her body, her eyes were full of disbelief, she hurriedly looked up and down her body, she looked at her hands, her feet, her human body, for an instant, tears flowed silently from her eyes.
“Are you a child given to me by God?”
After a while, the woman walked up to Evan, and she gently hugged Evan. Her delicate face was filled with a deep love called mother’s love.
At this moment, the woman has already regarded Evan as a child bestowed on her by God.
“It seems that I don’t have to die…”
Evan looked at the woman and breathed a sigh of relief.
In the X300s, Rung married Irene as a means of political negotiation due to territorial disputes between Dragnof and his country. He accompanied her into every battle after she became a Dragon Slayer, and was with her when Belserion was killed. Following Acnologia’s victory in the war, the general witnessed Irene begin to transform into a Dragon and, calling her an enemy of humanity, locked her away in the palace dungeons. Irene was repeatedly beaten, humiliated and tortured for three years, until the day that the general came to tell her that a date for her execution has been set. Irene pleaded for him to not, as she was pregnant with his child, but he cast doubt on her statement by saying that nobody can be pregnant for as long as she claimed to be. Rung, in a fit of rage, slashes at Irene’s stomach to prove himself right, but he instead triggers her complete transformation into a Dragon and is killed when she crushes him in the ensuing rampage.
The Kingdom of Dragnof (Doragunofu Ōkoku) was a kingdom on the continent of Ishgar in which Dragons and humans lived in harmony.

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Evan crossed over, but he wasn’t worried at all… because he had the character template from the mobile game and five devil fruits obtained from a lottery draw with him.Evan believed that he could rely on the special physique obtained from his first recharge, as well as the devil fruits in his backpack, to become a powerful figure in the world of One Piece.But it wasn’t until Evan opened his eyes and saw a crimson dragon that he realized this wasn’t One Piece at all, it was Fairy Tail!Starting by capturing Erza? Nope, starting by being captured by Irene!...

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