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Author : Hannah Baker

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Read It Was You by Hannah Baker. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereCassandra is a wealthy a......


Chapter 1 Alive But Dead Inside

"Cassandra, I've never liked you. Let's break up…"

"You are my fate. I will have you as my wife for the rest of my life."

"Bastard! She is your sister! How dare you?! Get out of here! I don't have a daughter like you!"

"She is just a rubbish person."

'My head hurts...'

Her memory was so painful, tearing her into a million pieces. As she thought about it again, her
headache became more severe. With that, she groaned while curling up into a ball..

There was no one inside the room except her. She stared at the handcuff around her wrist connected
to the bedpost. She tried to wriggle it but only caused it to leave a red mark. There was even blood
overflowing from it.

The cold sweat formed on her forehead and the cold air filled the whole room.

After a long time, she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was two glaring red characters with the
meaning of "happiness" posted on the wall, and a big poster hanging on the wall.

Her eyes widened and her body stiffened at a certain point. The familiar scene overwhelmed her.

How could this be? Wasn't it the night before her wedding?!

She didn't want to be the substitute, nor did she want to marry the evil man. The only thing she wanted
was to stay with the man she loved. As a result, the Yan Clan locked her in the house.

'Am I not dead yet?'

It was then she realized that it was all a part of a plan when she tried to run away and meet her
beloved. She thought she'd succeed, but she was wrong.

Her sister, whom she trusted the most, should stand by the side of that devil. The man she loved so
much even pushed her into the abyss step by step. As for her parents, she was just a pawn in their

After knowing that, she had no expectation in life. When the man came to take her home, she could
predict how she would spend the rest of her life as a prisoner, leaving no hope anymore.

The last thing she could remember was that she fell into the sea and was struggling for a while.

When she opened her eyes, she found that she had returned to the night five years ago when she
had married Martin Lu, taking the place of her sister Susan Yan.

Everything in front of her looked so real, and she was sure that it was not a dream.

'Am I reborn? But why? Why am I in the same place five years ago? From the very start of those

It all came to her from the thought of her parents abandoning her, the love of her life being taken away
by her sister, and the man she had loved betraying her. Since then, they had forced her to marry Martin
Lu. She had become a prey ever since that happened.

'Do I have to go through everything again? Why would they treat me that way?'

It was winter now, and the wind was blowing with snowflakes.

She covered her chest and saw the joints between her white and slender fingers, which seemed to be

She lied on the white bedsheet and heaved a sigh with sweat all over her. After a long time, a sudden
"click" came from the door.

With a stiffed body, she raised her eyes and stared at the black gate. She knew well that Roger Gu was
the one who opened it.

He was the son of the CEO of the GR Group, the only man she loved before and for whom she would
do anything.

Roger stepped inside while wearing a well-tailored black suit.

Her body tensed with clenched fists while she glued her eyes to the man. In the empty and quiet room,
the deep voice of the man echoed.

"I'm sorry, but the woman I love is Susan. Marry Martin for the sake of her. Please, I'm begging you."

It was then in her previous life that she gave up struggling after hearing their words about marrying

She believed that if she liked a person, she should do anything for him even if it caused her pain. As
long as that person was happy, she wouldn't have regrets.

So, she gave up her dream, for she thought it was love.

Until one day, when she saw the dirty and ugly side of Roger Gu, she realized that he had always been
using her. The so-called true love was just for fun.

She was wrong that time, and the result was a lifetime mistake.

When freedom was taken away from her, she had been just like an alive but dead person; already dead
inside while still breathing. She had provoked Martin for countless times, hoping that he would divorce

her, but it didn't end well. Because of her so-called love, she didn't mind being tortured by him.

She sighed.

Now, everything was just a joke for her.

If God had given her a chance to be reborn, she would never go to the same path again. They had
taken away all she had.

She kept questioning herself about what if she fell out of love?

What if she didn't like him anymore? What else did he have to make her compromise?

How could they enjoy a free and happy life while doing all kinds of bad things?

'I will fight back this time, ' she thought to herself.

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Read It Was You by Hannah Baker. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereCassandra is a wealthy a......

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