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Accidental Surrogate Chapter 141


Sinclair is towering over me, his wolf eyes glowing as he watches me work through my feelings. I gnaw
on my lower lip as I try to find the bravery to ask him for what I want, and he purrs deep in his chest,
cupping my cheek and tugging my lip free of my sharp little teeth. He doesn’t rush me, doesn’t make
demands, he simply lets me process the dilemma and keeps me from breaking my skin with my new
fangs. His gentle affection gives the confidence I need, and I shift a bit closer, craving his steady

“Can I please touch you?” I inquire shakily, peeking up at him from beneath my lashes.

“Touch me where?” Sinclair replies, his deep bass vibrating through my overheated body as his lip
quirks up.

I feel as though I’ve been doused in boiling water, and I’m sure he knows it. “Here.” I say, gesturing to
the huge hard member between his legs.

“Uh-uh trouble, if you want to do it, you’ve got to give me the words.” Sinclair replies, stroking my spine
with his free hand. “It’s just you and me, angel. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Please, Dominic.” I try again, licking my lips, “Can I touch… your C-cock.”

Part of me wishes the floor would open up and Swallow me whole, but the member in question pulses
as the word leaves my tongue, and I’m amazed to realize that I have such a powerful effect on this
man. He holds the entire world in his palm, but one word from me and his body responds..

“See now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Sinclair purrs, gazing down at me with such pure adoration that I
forget my enbarrassment. “Of course you can touch me, Ella.”

I start slowly, tracing my fingers over hiş thick length and running my thumb over the purple head,
curiously exploring the sinewy contours and feeling bolder by the minute. I can feel the muscles in
Sinclair’s chest and shoulders tense in response to my ministrations, but he doesn’t say a word. When
I look up I discover that his eyes are on my face rather than my hand, and when I close my fist around
him he has to smother a satisfied groan. I pump my hand up and down the considerable length, loving
the way his hands tighten on my body in response. Sinclair hisses in a breath of air, dropping his head
to the curve of my neck and kissing my throat, breathing in my scent. “Goddess, I love you.” He
mutters, his wolf making the most delightful grumbly sounds of contentment and desire. “My mate, all

I gingerly drop to my knees, and I’m genuinely shocked when Sinclair goes from tender affection to
sudden foreboding. He tangles his huge hand in my hair, pulling my head back, “And just what do you
think you’re doing?” He demands ominously, his dominance rolling off of his massive form in powerful

I-I was going to use my mouth.” I murmur, suddenly feeling unsure of myself.

“I don’t recall you asking permission.” He answers, arching a skeptical brow.

My wolf quivers and roils at once, and I notch my chin up defiantly, “Can I use my mouth?” I say, but my
tone is less of a question and more of a challenge.

Sinclair’s eyes flash dangerously and he shakes his head, calling my bluff. “Use it how? Do you want to
kiss it?

A wave of pure Alpha power has me shuddering with submissive instinct, and I know exactly what he
wants to hear me say. If I wasn’t so drunk on passion I might not be brave enough to manage it, but I’m
beyond the point of no return now. “Please Dominic,” I gasp deliriously. “I want to suck your cock.”

He nods in approval, guiding my lips to the flared tip of his manhood. “Go on then, beautiful.” As I swipe
my tongue over a bead of moisture emerging from his slit, I revel in the way I’m able enjoy being
complimented. For so long, comments about my looks only brought my trauma to the surface, but I feel
so safe with Sinclair that I’m able to enjoy being admired the first time in my life.

After lapping my way along his length, I close my lips around the head of Sinclair’s huge cock, sucking
in my cheeks and pulling him into my mouth. Sinclair hisses with obvious pleasure, and I feel so utterly
powerful. It’s one thing when such formidable being chooses to get down on his knees for you, and
another entirely to bring him there through your own vigor – to make him lose control with a simple

I slide my lips and tongue up and down his shaft, using every bit of skill I possess to pleasure him.

Maybe it’s strange to be so turned on by an act that doesn’t offer me any physical satisfaction, but I
love seeing how I affect Sinclair. His grip tightens on my hair, and I lift my eyes to his, letting his gaze
bore into me as I work my mouth over him.

“Touch yourself, Ella.” Sinclair commands, his voice hoarse with barely restrained lust. “Spread that
sweet pussy so I can see how wet you are for me”

I freeze, thrown off balance by the idea of pleasuring myself in front of him. At the same time, my wolf
urges me to be brave. It’s what he wants, he’s going to like it even if you’re nervous.

Sensing my unease, Sinclair gives me a low purr of éncouragement, and I slowly move my hand to my
swollen sex, unsure of whether or not I can go through with this. I’ve never touched myself in front of
anyone, and part of me is surprised Sinclair would ask for this. When I finally make contact, carefully
parting my nether lips for him, he speaks as though he’s read my mind.

“That’s it, baby.” He groans, his hips twitching with the effort of holding himself back. “This is the only
time you get to do this. Your pleasure is my responsibility, so from now on I expect you to tell me if you

need affection. But damned if I don’t love seeing you make yourself feel good.”

I quiver and suck him harder, emboldened enough to play with my sensitive clit. I whimper around
Sinclair’s hardness, and he pulses against my tongue, clearly enjoying the vibrations. He’s thrusting
into my mouth now, beyond the point holding back, so I increase my pace, intent on bringing him off.

Sinclair has both hands buried in my hair now, and my excitement only increases. I forget my doubts,
pleasuring myself the way I would if I were alone while he thrusts into my mouth. I reach up to grip the
base of his cock, squeezing tightly because I know it’s beyond the capacity of my small mouth. I work
my tongue over the underside of his length, rocking into my hand as I try to focus on satistying my mate
over my own release.

After a few minutes Sinclair tenses and swears, Fuck, stop or I’m going to come.” He attempts to pull
himself free of my lips, but his admission only drives me to work harder, and I cease touching myself to
focus all my energy on him. I surge forward, taking him into my throat and cupping his heavy balls,
rotating them between my fingers.

Sinclair curses again, fisting his hand in my hair as he explodes with a guttural growl. I swallow him
down, determined not to let him down, and Sinclair shakes his head. “Are you trying to kill me,
woman?” He inquires, pulling me to my feet.

I grin up at him. “I owed you.” I state smugly, more “That’s for me to decide.” Sinclair answers darkly,
cuddling me to his chest. “Naughty mate.”

“It was only fair.” I tell him, snuggling in. “You’ve been taking care of me all this time and getting nothing
in return.

“Well you know what you’ve just done, don’t you?”

Sinclair inquires mischievously, caressing my waist as he nibbles my shoulder.

“What?”I ask, still flushed and squirming with my own need. Tomorrow I might be embarrassed about
all the things I’ve said and done, but right now my inhibitions are gone. As far as I’m concerned, we are
the only people in the world, and nothing else matter.

“You just made it possible for me to last quite some time before I come again.” He replies, “And that
means I can completely devote myself to you without worrying about my wolf losing control.”

A wave of anticipation and trepidation wash me. I was already overwhelmed by Sinclair’s plans for the
night, but now it sounds as though he’s even more determined to make my claiming as overwhelming
as possible. I’m excited beyond belief, but I’m also anxious about whether I cope with his fierce

Sinclair is watching me again, a wolfish grin stretching over his features, “What’s wrong, little mate- you
look nervous.”

I gulp in a deep breath, trying to appear tougher than I feel. “Well that’s where you’re wrong. If anything
I’m wondering what’s taking you so long?”

As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I want to take them back. In an instant I have a huge Álpha
looming over me, and I’ve just questioned his devotion and virility, which is nothing short of a recipe for


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