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Accidental Surrogate Chapter 238  Human Meeting


It’s no easy feat to calm my wolf.

The moment he sees the cold-hearted human who confronted us after Damon’s rogue attack at the
Solstice, he begins clawing at the surface of my skin, begging to get out. I desperately work to keep my
face blank, though I know my mate can sense my surprise and fury. She rests one small hand on my
thigh, gently caressing my tense muscles. My wolf relaxes slightly, but not nearly enough. He’s
growling in my head all the way through the introductions, which take much longer than I’d like.

When it’s my turn to greet her, I summon my strength. “Madame Mayor.” Somehow I manage to say it
without enmity, “I didn’t realize it was you who would be joining us.”

“I think you’ll find I’m the only reason anyone is joining at all.” The former Moon Valley mayor, a woman
by the name of Sabina Kelly, replies coolly. At first her words don’t make sense, but then the video
pans out, revealing that she is far from the only guest joining this call. Grim-faced men line the table on
either side of her, and though some are as unknown to me as any stranger, others are surprisingly
familiar. I see legislators, governors and leading activists from the human world, even a few politicians
to whom we reached out with no reply. I can scarcely wrap my mind around the assembled delegates
before Sabina is speaking again. “Nor can I rightly claim the title of mayor since Damon saw fit to
depose me.”

“Well with all due respect, you are an elected official – Damon is not.” I reply, falling back on my
diplomatic training to smooth the troubled waters between us. “So I would prefer to call you by the title
your people afforded you.”

I’m thankful my mouth is still working, because my mind is reeling. The last time I spoke to this woman
she seemed to truly hate me – not that she cared for shifters in general. I’ll never forget the way she
sneered the words “your kind” at me that day, foisting blame for the attack onto all wolves as if we’ve all

been cut from the same cloth. Of course that was merely one incident in a hundred. I can’t remember
ever having a productive conversation with her throughout the entirety of our acquaintance.

“Thank you.” Sabina answers hesitantly. “Though I want to be very clear that we only agreed to this
meeting to hear what you have to say. Those of us in power have known about shifters for some time
now, but the last month has inflicted lasting scars on our people. We cannot overlook the violence you
have inflicted upon our communities as of late.”

“I understand, and I must tell you that humans are not the only ones suffering under Damon’s rule.” I
reply steadily. “Our own people are suffering gravely under his tyranny, and it is our greatest wish to
remove him from power.” I turn my gaze on each of the humans individually.” Whatever Dmaon has led
you to believe about humans and wolf-kind, I’m here to tell you that he does not speak the truth. We
are not all so backwards and violent – we do not all think as he does.”

‘Then how do you think?” A man I don’t recognize inquires.

“Perhaps it would be best if you heard from someone to whom the knowledge of wolf-kind came as a
very recent surprise.” Gabriel suggests, nodding to Ella.

My mate leans forward, resting her clasped hands on the table. ‘Thank you, Gabriel,” She begins
hesitantly, “It might surprise you to hearthat, despite my current position, I was raised among humans
in Moon Valley. In fact, I believed I was human until a couple of months ago, so there are actually a few
of you who have been in on the secret even longer than I have.” I watch the humans closely as Ella’s
words hit home, noticing a few confused expressions and curious grumbles.

“When Dominic told me about shifters I thought he was out of his mind, until I saw proof which made it
impossible to deny. It took a lot of time for me to adjust to the new reality, to understand the way of
wolves and my place in this world. I’m still learning every day, and it isn’t easier just because my wolf is
now awake. But part of what makes adjusting so difficult is that shifters are as varied and diverse as

any other society.” She pauses, making eye contact with each of the faces on the screen. “I would
never dream of meeting someone from Sevka and assuming that they represent every being on that
continent. There are good and bad people in every community, and even those designations are
misleading, as each of us is the result of the experiences which shaped our lives.”

Ella glances at me for reassurance, and my wolf purrs through our bond as she continues. ‘The point is
simply that while shifters share a great deal in common biologically, culture and personality are different
matters entirely. Damon is, in my opinion, the worst of the worst. It would be a mistake to judge him for
being a wolf, because that isn’t the proper frame of reference. He didn’t take over our home because
he’s a shifter, he did it because he’s a power-hungry narcissist with too many resources in reach.” She
purses her lips, uncertain about her next piece of advice. “Instead, I would beseech you to remember
the centuries of peace we enjoyed living among shifters without ever knowing it.”

“You mean the centuries and centuries you lied to us?” Another human counters gruffly.

“I’m sorry,” Ella sighs, “But what nation hasn’t lied to one another in order to advance their own
peoples? Have you all announced every technology, innovation and defense strategy your country
employs? Or have you safeguarded sensitive information to avoid greater competition or harm?”

“But we aren’t all separate nations.” One of the activists objects, “as you said, we lived side by side.”

“Side by side, with independent governments.” I chime in, holding my mate a bit closer. “Besides, the
secrecy pact did not apply universally. Your leaders knew of shifters, and select humans were brought
to work with shifters because of their expertise in their fields. Our governments have been working
together all along, and though the secrecy among the general public may not inspire trust, any rational
actor can understand why it might feel necessary. We wanted to avoid precisely this scenario.”

“Has it occurred to you that this scenario only occurred because of the secrecy, not despite it?” A
legislator asks shrewdly.

‘Yes.” I confess. “You have no idea how that very question has kept me up at night. And though we may
all be guilty of perpetuating it, like you we were born into a system our ancestors created. We did what
we thought was best, however misguided.” I exhale, letting them see the full weight of my guilt. ‘The
point is that right or wrong, shifters only want what is best for our families and our people. We do not
want violence and war, we do not want Damon in power.”

Sabina clears her throat, and I hold my breath – praying she won’t say anything to undermine our
message. ’The reason I asked you all to join me today is because I have insight from the experience of
working with both the Usurper and Alpha Sinclair. Before the coup and my exile to Sevka, I thought
much like you did. I put up with shifters because I had no other choice, and I didn’t like it.” She
confesses. “Frankly, I believed that Alpha Dominic was full of it. Damon convinced me that his public
persona was all a show – that he was nothing more than a con artist who hoped to steal the crown by
acting like a moralizing, bleeding heart, charmer.”

“Then the war came, and I saw that I’d believed the wrong man.” Sabina carries on, shamefaced.
“Alpha Dominic tried to expose Damon’s crimes, but instead of answering for them the Usurper sped
up his plans for takeover. In truth, I’ve come to believe that Dominic’s accusations are the only reason
we’ve held off as well as we have – they forced Damon to rush and act before he was ready.”

My jaw drops, and Ella sweetly sets it back in place with one small finger.

Perhaps I’m an idiot, but that possibility – the idea that I might have helped lessen the damage by
speaking out when I did – has never occurred to me before. I can’t express how badly I want it to be
true, though I know wishful thinking can be a dangerous thing.

“I made the mistake of believing Damon when he told me you weren’t a fit ruler.” Sabina forges on,
speaking directly to me now. “When he told me that he would protect humans and wolves alike if he
came to power. It isn’t easy to admit just how wrong I was, but it would be an even greater betrayal of
my people to do nothing now, when you have reached out to us in friendship.”

Again Sabina looks to the other humans. “We have a common enemy with these shifters, and the
situation is dire enough that we cannot be choosy. Luckily that’s not a problem, because Dominic is the
ally I would choose above anyone else. He is a good man, a selfless leader who cares more about
wolves and humans alike. He is brave enough to stand for the things that truly matter, strong enough to
defend us, and smart enough to know when to fight and when to hold off. I encourage all of you to give
this alliance your full consideration and spread the word throughout your network. We do not have to
be alone in this fight.”

To my amazement, a number of the other humans are nodding in agreement. I can scarcely believe
this is really happening, but when I look to my mate, she’s sending me an incandescent smile. “I
couldn’t have said it better myself.

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