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Demon Sword Maiden Volume 10 - Dream Eater: Chapter 30 – Destroying The Yomi Gate

Volume 10 - Dream Eater: Chapter 30 – Destroying The Yomi Gate

With his wounds fueling his rage, Yansha’s combat style turned even more ferocious. Convinced that his swordsmanship surpassed Lily’s, he believed he needed just one opening to win. Hampered by his injured leg, Yansha astonishingly resorted to using his lower arms to scuttle across the ground—achieving a speed that surpassed even his regular run.
Leaping forward when he closed the distance, Yansha unleashed a frenzied assault with all four weapons, attacking from every possible angle. Even for someone of Lily’s caliber, parrying this wild onslaught with a single weapon was a monumental task.
Gracefully stepping back, Lily swung her Crescent Moon blade with such force that it sent Yansha reeling. Despite his erratic swordplay, he found himself unable to block or counter even a single blow from her.
Seizing the moment, Lily advanced, her blade cutting deep into Yansha despite his frantic dodging. “I can’t best her,” Yansha had to admit. “Her strength and speed effortlessly neutralize any advantage my abilities could offer.”
Suddenly feigning an attack, Yansha flattened himself to the ground and leapt backwards, retreating to the mountain’s peak before making a hasty escape.
“Turning tail, are we?”
Witnessing Lily’s success in driving their leader away, the warriors from Tenshu Castle poured out and engaged the demon forces around Himeji. Chaos erupted anew, but with their leader gone, the demons’ formation quickly collapsed, and they dispersed.
In the meantime, Yansha exploited all five of his agile limbs to navigate the rugged landscape, plunging deep into the mountainous expanse. His speed was remarkable, rapidly outdistancing the demons who had fled with him until he was a staggering fifty miles into the wilderness. Nestled within a deep valley under a rocky cavern, he found an ancient gate that radiated an unsettling, dark energy.
Landing on the riverbank within the valley, Yansha took a moment to reflect. Though his wounds had mostly healed, his body was still marred by the grime and gore of battle. “I never anticipated encountering such a formidable adversary on my first venture here, let alone a woman. I must withdraw and regroup; she’s too much for me to handle alone. If only this gate could accommodate my older brother. Regrettably, it’s limited to beings with a triple-soul Big Dipper stage at most. Looks like I’ll have to enlist the help of lesser allies.”
Teeth clenched in frustration, Yansha muttered, “Cursed woman, your time will come.”
“For what should I be waiting?” came Lily’s chilling voice from behind him.
Stunned, Yansha spun around to find Lily standing on the opposite side of the valley. “You—How did you manage—”
“Did you honestly believe you could elude me
Despite the capricious nature of Yansha’s swordsmanship, he would have been easily dispatched had Lily chosen to deploy her full arsenal of abilities. She had deliberately let him live to trail him to the enigmatic Yomi Gate. Whether or not he intended to seek refuge in Yomi, the Gate was of significant importance to him, ensuring his eventual return to this location. Even if Yansha were eliminated, Lily’s unease would persist unless she destroyed the Yomi Gate.
“This is crossing the line!” Yansha erupted in frustration. The Yomi Gate had been a costly undertaking, and the thought of Lily dismantling it was unacceptable. However, once created, a Yomi Gate couldn’t be moved or undone.
Brimming with newfound energy, Yansha activated his Stellar Soul, powering up to a whole new level. Yet as he pounced towards Lily amidst a flurry of sakura petals, he found himself slowed, as if wading through a swamp. Even if the effect was minimal, it made a significant difference given his specific set of skills and swordsmanship.
Armed with four scimitars, Yansha launched a sequential assault on Lily. From her extensive travels and combat experience, Lily had honed her Domain to the near-peak sixth stage. Just a small leap more, and she would have the power to create her own dimension. Yansha’s own Domain paled in comparison and was practically ineffectual.
Under the overwhelming might of Lily’s Domain, Yansha’s swordplay ceased to be a concern. His initial swipe aimed at Lily’s shoulder was effortlessly dodged. A second, unpredictable jab followed, but Lily nimbly evaded and severed one of his arms in the process. Undeterred by the loss of a limb, Yansha continued his assault aimed at her back.
Lily executed a forward roll, emerging on his other side, and immediately rose to swing her blade. As she did, Yansha’s fourth scimitar swung in her direction. With a deft parry, she redirected his weapon before delivering a downward slash that entirely severed Yansha’s already compromised leg.
Yansha’s body quivered as he collapsed to the ground, but his fighting spirit remained unbroken. Despite his precarious balance, he launched another dual-sided assault with his remaining arms. Rather than dodging, Lily stepped into Yansha’s extended reach, rendering his attack ineffective. With a swing of Crescent Moon, Yansha’s head was cleanly removed.
Even headless, Yansha seemed to rely on some residual senses to continue his assault. With calculated strokes, Lily dismembered his remaining arms. A forceful kick sent him sprawling to the ground, whereupon she planted her foot firmly on his chest.
“Wait, spare me…”
Her blade sliced through Yansha’s Big Dipper Soul with a swift motion. His body twitched spasmodically before succumbing to death.
Lily collected his Anima and possessions, then turned her attention to the Yomi Gate before her. It appeared to be sturdier and more potent than its predecessor. Unleashing her Purple Lunar Force, she slashed at it repeatedly. Glowing purple fissures emerged on the surface of the Gate before it shattered with a resounding crash, severing its connection to demonic realms.
At that moment, returning demons found their gateway destroyed and Lily standing triumphantly beside Yansha’s corpse. They dispersed in a frenzied scramble.
“Think you can run?” Lily activated her expansive Domain, sending a storm of Sakura blades to decimate the scattering demons. None under the Throned Sovereign Stage could mount any defense.
Rather than pursuing the fleeing demons, Lily was preoccupied with concerns for Princess Asuka. With this in mind, she immediately made her way back to Himeji. The defeat of Yansha and the destruction of the Yomi Gate had left the demons in disarray, scattering in all directions. They found little refuge, as many were eliminated by the city’s experts and military forces.
Ayaka and Shimizu remained inactive, their primary concern being to safeguard the injured Princess Asuka. Soon after, Lily made her way back to Tenshu Castle and ascended to the seventh floor.
“How are you feeling, Princess Asuka?”
“I’m alright,” said Asuka, still clad in her former ninja outfit, as she sat before the grand hall. Ayaka, Shimizu, and Reika were also in attendance.
“I’ve eliminated Yansha and eradicated the Yomi Gate
2,” Lily informed her.
Asuka’s eyes sparkled instantly. “Really? That’s fantastic!”
“I must apologize, Miss Lily. My arrogance and haste led to this failure. If not for you, Himeji would be in peril,” Princess Asuka’s eyes reflected a twinge of remorse.
“No need for apologies, Princess. Protecting the city is our duty. Should I be concerned about your injuries?”
Asuka hesitated, then shook her head. “I’ve mainly depleted my spiritual energy.”
“Lily, you vanquished a triple-soul Big Dipper Archdemon. As for your reward, I’ll admit I hadn’t envisioned one for defeating such a formidable foe. I never anticipated that any of our assembled experts could accomplish this. I always thought such powerful demons existed only in the shadowy depths of the demon realm, far removed from the Asuka Kingdom.”
“Lily, you’ve done more than just eliminate Yansha; you saved my life as well. Your deeds are beyond valuation. Nonetheless, I’m awarding you three thousand shares as a token of my gratitude. Additionally, you’ve shattered the Yomi Gate, which was a passage for triple-soul Big Dipper demons, and exterminated a multitude of other demons. For that, you’ll receive another three thousand six hundred shares. With such an accumulation of shares, there’s no need to crunch the numbers,” Asuka declared.
“That’s quite generous.”
“Actually, it’s not. Triple-soul experts are so rare on the Iyo Continent, one could count them on one hand. Anyone with that level of power could alter the fate of this realm. But you, Lily, your strength was also beyond my expectations. Regardless, I’m grateful you’re on our side,” Asuka said warmly.
“Princess, I remain concerned about your recent ordeal. May I examine you?” interjected Ayaka.
“Heh, there’s no need for concern; I’m absolutely fine. These minor injuries are inconsequential. My physician is due to arrive shortly, so there’s no need to trouble yourself, Lady Ayaka,” Asuka deflected the offer, turning her gaze to Lily. “On another note, Lily, you currently hold the highest score among all the mercenaries. Any particular treasures catching your eye?”
“Well, I was thinking about the Lunar Crystals, but let’s table that discussion. You should prioritize your recovery,” Lily replied.
“No need for that. I assure you, I’m completely well, and exchanging treasures is no trouble for me.” Asuka flicked her wrist, causing the luminous words she had seen before to materialize in the air. The first item that caught Lily’s eye was the Lunar Crystal, priced at 2,000 Kingdom Shares each.
“I have intentions of acquiring more Lunar Crystals. How many do you have in stock?” Lily inquired.
“Just a handful, heh. Lunar Crystals are considered Miracle Treasures; it’s not like I can conjure them up. This is the last one available. If you desire it, it’s yours,” Asuka responded.
“Hold on,” Lily interrupted, waving her hand. “Don’t reveal it just yet. I’d like to gift this one to Sister Ayaka and Sister Shimizu. It would be best if you give it to them when I’m not present, to avoid any awkward moments like last time.”
Ayaka and Shimizu exchanged glances and nodded, showing an unexpected spirit of cooperation between them
“Lily, if you can still assimilate another Lunar Crystal, then Shimizu and I would decline this one,” Ayaka stated.
“Indeed. As implausible as it may sound, if you have such an incredible opportunity, we must support you. Don’t overthink it. You can have all the Lunar Crystals. If you find you can’t assimilate them, only then should you think of us,” Shimizu continued.
“No, but—”
“Don’t object,” Ayaka interjected. “It’s not that we’re being altruistic. It’s simply the most advantageous and efficient course of action for us. Lily, attempt to assimilate the Lunar Crystal first. That’s our final say. No refusals!”References

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