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Fairy Tail: Collapsing Stars Fairy Tail Collapsing Stars Chapter 117

Fairy Tail Collapsing Stars Chapter 117

After that, compared to tracking down the former director of the Bureau of Magical Development, Brain, what gave Evan a headache was the arrangements of the people he rescued from the Tower of Heaven.
For this reason, Evan planned to discuss with Rob and at the same time, ask for the opinions of everyone here, and presumably, Rob and the others also had many questions in their hearts at the moment to ask him…
“What is going on with Evan? Do you have any connection with the soldiers of the Magic Council?”
Rob asked with his hands behind his back as he looked at the group of Magic Council soldiers in front of him and looked at Evan with a look of respect.
Originally, he thought that Evan had informed the soldiers of the Magic Council to clean up the mess, but now it seemed that it was not the case. Evan seemed to represent the Fairy Tail and also held an important duty in the Magic Council.
“Well, Grandpa Rob, Brother Simon…”
“In fact, I am the archmage of the Fairy Tail in the Magic Council. I am doing the mission of destroying the Dark Guild in the Tower of Heaven…”
“At the same time, for some reason, I temporarily serve as the captain of the Custody Enforcement Unit against the Dark Guild in the Magic Council…”
“About three months ago, we observed the movements of the Dark Guild of the Tower of Heaven. According to our speculation, these members of the Dark Guild are likely to attack the Rosemary Village!”
“In order to capture this Dark Guild, I went missing and choose the identity of the beggar in the Rosemary Village when I was strolling along the road. I successfully sneaked into the Rosemary Village. The purpose of this is to deceive these sly members of the Dark Guild…”
“In fact, they are more cunning than we imagined. After we confirmed the movements of these members of the Dark Guild, they actually acted after three whole months of mistakes. Fortunately, this tumor has been completely eradicated by us.”
“Regarding the matter of me hiding my identity, I apologize to Brother Simon and everyone present.”
Evan looked at Rob, Simon, and the others. He explained his identity, why he pretended to be a beggar, and apologized to everyone at the same time.
“No! If not for you, Evan, Kagura, and I would probably be dead by now. This is all the fault of this damn Dark Guild…”
Simon shook his head after hearing Evan’s words. He was still afraid of the Dark Guild. Fortunately, Evan had observed that the Dark Guild would attack the Rosemary Village in advance. Otherwise, he and Kagura would have been caught in this Dark Guild and spent non-human days every day. His words were fine, but it made his sister, Kagura, suffer with him, which was unbearable and unimaginable.
“In short, I will clean up all the memories related to the Tower of Heaven for everyone…”
“After the memory is cleared, everyone will forget everything here and continue to live safely in a certain place on this continent, the village or the city.”
Evan said and told everyone the way he thought of to deal with everyone here.
The reason why he said his method was actually to listen to everyone’s opinions.
“Get rid of all the memories about the Tower of Heaven?”
The children were shocked after hearing Evan’s words.
“No, Evan, I don’t recommend you to do this to us. At least I don’t want you to do this to me.”
Simon walked directly to Evan. He looked at Evan seriously and shook his head hard.
When Evan heard Simon’s words, he was stunned. He looked at Simon and waited for him to continue.
In Evan’s eyes, it was a good thing to lose such a terrible memory and forget about the things here forever. At the same time, it could prevent people from leaving any side effects and cause some mental illness. However, since Simon did not agree, he was willing to listen to Simon’s opinion.
“Although the memories here are like hell! I am afraid that they will become the dream devil of my life in the future, but at the same time, they will motivate me and let me know my weakness. Evan, I think I know my future path…”
Simon looked at Evan seriously. He did not want Evan to clean up his memories about the Tower of Heaven.
“Brother Evan, it is because we came to the Tower of Heaven that we got to know you and Grandpa Rob. At the same time, we also got to know everyone. Although most of the memories about the Tower of Heaven are painful and sad memories, there are also beautiful places. After I came to the Tower of Heaven, this is the first time in my life that I have seen such a beautiful and shocking magic! So I also don’t want to get rid of the memories of the Tower of Heaven…”
At this time, Jellal also came to Evan. He looked at Evan and told her his thoughts.
“Okay, I got it…”
Evan nodded after listening to Simon and Jellal’s words.
“If this is your decision, then I choose to respect you.”
Evan finally chose to respect the choice of the person involved. Since the person involved did not mind leaving such a terrible memory, then he would not interfere too much in this matter.
Simon and Jellal breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Evann’s words. Although the Tower of Heaven was full of painful memories, it was precisely because of this pain that they were able to love beauty and light…
At the same time, Jellal also saw the magic that he had pursued his entire life, and the people he longed for in his life.
He hoped that one day, he could also become someone like Evan.
“We also want to keep our memories.”
As for Erik, Millianna and Sho, after seeing Jellal and Simon say that they were not willing to clear their memories of the Tower of Heaven, they also chose not to clean up the memories of the Tower of Heaven.
After all, they knew each other in the Tower of Heaven. If they knew the memories here, it meant that they would forget each other. This was something they did not want to see.
“Okay, I know your choice. In that case…”
Evan saw that the children in front of her didn’t seem to want their memories to be erased, so there were probably only three choices left for these children.
The first one was to return to their own villages and start their own lives again. However, in Evan’s opinion, even if these children returned to their previous villages and experienced so much, it would be very difficult for them to return to their past lives.
The second one was to let these children join a guild. Of course, it was not limited to the Fairy Tail. There were quite a lot of mage in this continent. There were many mahes in the Kingdom of Fiore.
The third one was to entrust these children to the Magic Council to help take care of them. After all, Simon, Jellal and the others were still a group of children. They probably didn’t have the ability to live independently and needed to be taken care of and provided assistance.

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