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I Maximize My Item-dropping Rate Chapter 404 - 404: Three Against Three (1)

Chapter 404 - 404: Three Against Three (1)

Chapter 404: Three Against Three (1)
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In the main hall of Wind Shadow City, the First Elder, Second Elder, and Fourth Elder of the Swift Shadow Palace had ugly expressions. The First Elder clenched her fists tightly, and the veins on the back of her hand bulged. The hall was silent and the atmosphere was oppressive.
“…I still can’t believe that Luo Jun and Tong Binhong actually betrayed the Swift Shadow Palace and established themselves.”
The Second Elder was old and was the oldest of the five elders. He was from the same era as the current Shadow Lord of the Swift Shadow Palace. Luo Jun had been promoted by him back then to become an elder of the Swift Shadow Palace. He knew that although Luo Jun was ambitious, he would never betray the Swift Shadow Palace and establish himself.
This was not something the Luo Jun he knew would do.
“They have publicly announced that they are independent in Tree Shadow City and call themselves the Tree Shadow Sect, how can this be fake?
“Previously, Luo Jun claimed that he had a way to increase the combat strength of our Swift Shadow Palace. Unexpectedly, he turned around and colluded with Tong Binhong to stab us in the back!
“From the looks of it, he was deliberately numbing us previously so that they would have enough time to be independent!” The Fourth Elder gritted his teeth and said hatefully.
“I don’t think Luo Jun is the main culprit.” The First Elder analyzed seriously. “The main culprit should be Tong Binhong. Don’t forget, Tree Shadow City has always been controlled by Tong Binhong. If Luo Jun wanted to rebel, he would definitely rebel in Shadow Sword City. But now, they are rebelling in Tree Shadow City.
“If I’m not wrong, it must be that Tong Binhong used some unknown method to control the Ancient Cang’e Tree, giving him the confidence to betray the Swift Shadow Palace and stand on his own. He used Luo Jun’s ambition to incite him, making Luo Jun stand on the same side as him.”
The Second Elder and the Fourth Elder nodded. They agreed with the First Elder’s analysis. In the past, the Ancient Cang’e Tree was not under their control, causing them to be unable to make the Ancient Cang’e Tree attack when they were attacked by foreign Martial Soul Realm experts.
They felt that the reason why Tong Binhong and Luo Jun dared to rebel now was because they had the powerful trump card, the Ancient Cang’e Tree.
“The most important thing now is to crush them in one go before they can stabilize themselves.” The First Elder’s eyes were cold.
No matter what, they could not watch this Tree Shadow Sect become independent and ignore it. They had to suppress it.
“Do we need to inform the sect master about this?” The Second Elder asked.
They knew very little about the Ancient Cang’e Tree. They only knew that the Ancient Cang’e Tree was incomparably powerful, but they did not have an exact concept of how powerful it was.
“There’s no hurry.” The First Elder shook her head. “If we can resolve it, then there’s no need to trouble the Shadow Master. Although they have the Ancient Cang’e Tree now, they only have two Martial Soul Realm experts on their side.
“Even with the help of the Ancient Cang’e Tree, they can at most catch up to us in terms of combat strength. We can use this as a test first. It’s mainly to test what kind of abilities the Ancient Cang’e Tree has. If we can’t handle it, well ask the Shadow Master.”
The Second and Fourth Elders nodded in agreement. They were completely stronger than the other party in terms of combat strength.
The only uncertainty was the Ancient Cang’e Tree. But the initiative was in their hands. They could test them first to see how powerful the Ancient Cang’e Tree was. Then, they would deal with it.
In their opinion, the worst case scenario was that Luo Jun and Tong Binhong would use the Ancient Cang’e Tree’s ability to catch up to them in terms of combat strength.
If that was the case, they would ask the Shadow Master for instructions and the Shadow Master would come forward to suppress it. They believed that with the Shadow Master’s strength, it would definitely not be difficult to suppress them.
After all, the Shadow Master was at the Spiritual Sense Stage of the Martial Soul Realm!
That day, the three elders of the Swift Shadow Palace arrived at the top of the pavilion in Wind Shadow City. Standing here, they could clearly see the Five Shadows City below.
They clearly saw that the Tree Shadow City, which had originally merged with the other four Shadow Cities, was no longer in its previous position. The ancient tree trunk that extended from the ground directly moved Tree Shadow City far away.
There was a distance between them and the four cities. Tree Shadow City was located on the huge tree trunk. Among the many cities in the Tiandou Province, Tree Shadow City was definitely a large city. But now, it looked extremely small on the trunk of the Ancient Cang’e Tree.
And they all knew what the Ancient Cang’e Tree revealed from the ground was only a small portion of itself. Most of its body was still buried underground. This also made the three elders’ expressions solemn. They did not dare to underestimate him at all.
The three of them looked at each other.
Their figures darted out at the same time. A gust of wind formed under the First Elder’s feet, causing her to step on the wind and move forward in the air. Water and shield shadows appeared under the feet of the Second and Fourth Elders respectively.
It made them fly in the air as well. They charged towards the Ancient Cang’e Tree in the distance at an extremely fast speed and arrived in front of Tree Shadow City.
Almost the moment they arrived, two figures flew out of Tree Shadow City at the same time. They were Luo Jun, who was stepping on the sword shadows, and Tong Binhong, who was supported by the tree shadows.
Originally, the five elders of the Swift Shadow Palace had formed two camps and were floating in the air to confront each other. Neither side chose to let their subordinates fight directly. Instead, their respective top experts fought first.
After all, this was a civil war between the Swift Shadow Palace. It was not appropriate to make a big fuss. As long as they could deal with the top experts of both sides, they could naturally absorb the other disciples back..

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